Saturday, May 16, 2009

Overlord by Serge Saint-Michel and Mister Kit

If you have a son who is a reluctant reader (boys can be slow to get the reading habit) give him BD’s (bandes dessinées) - comic strip books which are hugely popular in France. Don’t worry - a friend who is now a publisher in Paris only read comics until well into his teens.

This one, first published for the 50th anniversary of D-Day, is unmissable. You can’t live in Normandy and ignore the Landings and all here should have a passing knowledge of the ensuing battle. Kids love this comic version with lots of guns and explosions. It’s not a bad potted version, either, for adults who could benefit from a quick overview of the Battle of Normandy.

Overlord by Serge Saint-Michel, pictures by Mister Kit, is available in French or English in most WW2 museums in Normandy or order it online from:
or from
6th June - Overlord
6th June 1944: Overload