Monday, December 1, 2008

Seras-tu là? Guillaume Musso

Seras-tu là?
Guillaume Musso

Without doubt, the best way to improve already reasonable French is to read, read in French. A good idea is to browse the collège reading lists - the subject matter is stimulating enough to hold adult attention while vocab- ulary, syntax and texts are not overly complex. In the book pages, Vitalia Anichkina will be sharing her her recommendations with both fellow book-loving collegians and French improvers.

What if we could go back and change our life? What would we change? In what way?
Elliott, 60 is given a chance to do just that when he operates on a small boy from a lonely village. He goes back thirty years and meets his younger self - his younger self still with Ilena, the only girl he has ever loved.
When Elliott, 30, realises Ilena’s death is imminent he enlists Elliott, 60,’s help to save her. What will really happen to Ilena? And will either of them really live a better life for it?
At times unbearably sad, this is a book about love - and sacrifice.
It is also about how we can never tell what the consequences of our actions will be but nor do we know the consequences of the actions we didn’t take. There is no guarantee that the outcome would have been any better.
I was lent this book but loved it so much that I bought my own copy so I can read it again.

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