Friday, July 3, 2009

Talking French: Hadley Pager's handy books

Hadley Pager do a neat series of subject by subject phrase books which are small enough to slip in your pocket and also run the glossaries both English - French and French - English so you could, for example, hand the book backwards and forwards between you and the doctor rather than knowing what to say but not understanding the answer.

The medical phrase book covers everything you could possibly want to say or understand at the doctors, chemist, as a hospital inpatient or at the pharmacy.

Other themes include legal terms, garden and horticultural, renovations etc.

Mail or write to Hadley Pager Info, PO Box 249, Leatherhead, KT23 3WX for latest publication list and prices.

© published in December 2007 issue of the Rendezvous magazine

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