Saturday, March 24, 2012

OK1 (French Netspeak)

Marianne Semeuse.

Franglais is about borrowing Anglo-American words and phrases into French. 

But the French are as inventive with their own version of netspeak as English-speakers. Not least because phonetically read English alpha-numeric contractions, like gr8, mean nothing to a French-speaker. What's 'grhuit'?

Instead, the French are introducing new contractions in internet French and SMS conversations.

Here are a few examples:

-  A+ or @+: means “À plus“, like “later”, or “l8r”.
- ASV: “Âge, Sexe, Ville”, the equivalent of the English “ASL”, or “Age/Sex/Location”.
- b1sur: “Bien sûr“: Of course. The “1″, “un“, makes up for the syllable “-ien.”
- ENTK: “En tout cas”, means ”in any case”.
OK1: “Aucun“, “none” or ”no one”.
- STP or SVP“S’il te plait”, “please”.
TNKT: Means T’inquiètes“, or “t’inquiètes pas”, meaning “don’t worry” or “no worries”.
- X: Since the word for cross in French ”Croix” is the same for the verb croire (to believe), for the second, you can use just an X, as in “Crois-moi“ or “X moi“, (believe me!)

- via Patricia Mansfield-Devine, SecondCherry - the over-40s babe. Thanks, Trish.

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